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It's in Saint-Malo, France, that Marc Milon created his first fragrance Aphrodite under the eponymous brand Milon. Since his childhood Marc Milon was already in awe to Louis XIV,  king of excellence, prestige, luxury and french's know-how.

Since then is born, for this fragrance designer, the love of the luxury. His quest of perfection led him to travel all around France. Wishing high-end products he succumbed to the charm of Grasse, the «fragrance capital».

Creating a fragrance requires long reseaches, such as a refined nose and many attempts to harmonize the essences between them. The elegance, the beauty and voluptuousness combine in the discretion of the feminine ideal is the perect combination that Marc Milon wanted to offer to this female customers.

It's with Aphrodite, ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, that this young fragrance designer signs his first fragrance dedicated to female costumers. Those ones will undoubtedly love it and make it known to her close circles.

Aphrodite, a real guilty pleasure to offer without and moderation.